精致可愛的蝴蝶造型: 野外的蝴蝶翩翩起舞,這只特別的蝴蝶,天生就愛采女性特殊部位的蜜,它很勤勞而且身體短小精幹;采用高級醫用無毒軟膠精制而成,前端為仿真設計,全長 9.2cm,直徑為2.5cm;凸起的嘴巴和翹起的小尾巴,可對女性敏感區域周遭進行愛撫,可愛的蝴蝶長著壹根食指般長短、但要粗許多的透明仿真陰莖,頭和尾都彎成壹個勾,頭恰恰觸在陰蒂處,尾抵在肛門處,女性的三處敏感地帶可同時得到快感。手感與膚質近似,柔軟、更富有彈性,全內置更方便。蝴蝶的身體裏包裹著壹個小型震動器,並有超獨特凸粒刺激陰核,蝶片中的震蛋傳遞著它的激情,使形似小男人秘密之處的樣子,有趣!只需像穿內褲般把它穿上,即能領會個中滋味,保證回味無窮。穿帶式設計: 采用穿戴式設計,高彈力系帶且有活扣用來調節長短,保證穿著時的舒適性,可牢固地穿系在身上,輕松自在,使用時雙手得以解放,隨時隨地好享受。更絕的是它有單頻遙控功能,妳可以感受暴風雨也可以和風細雨,妳可以打機槍也可以點射,超爽無比。


 This totally irresistible 10-speed butterfly strap on vibrator is made from soft jelly and includes a completely wireless remote control unit. The butterfly body and dildo strap into place via the elasticated straps. The soft wings will engulf both your vagina and clitoris whilst the small jelly dildo easily slides into place to stimulate your vagina. Unlike most remote strap on butterfly toys. This dual vaginal and clitoral strap on butterfly opens a whole new world of erotic pleasure. Being wearable at literally any time, only your imagination can limit the amount of fun you can have with this toy! Having a completely wireless remote control means you can either play with it your self at home or when your out and about (shopping for example - got to be done), or hand the controls over to your partner so that they can please and tease you as they wish. Work your way through the exciting vibration and pulsation settings for some absolutely mind-blowing remote controlled strap on fun! The bullet and remote can be used independently from the strap on ... so you’re getting two fabulous sex toys in one! 
This device is exclusively for individual, please be careful to keep it clean before and after use; when washing it, keep circuit part away from water, avoid to cause electrical fault; keep silicone cover away from dirty matter like ink; before storage, remove battery and reposition back to its normal site respectively in packing box for future use.


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